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Two women are featured in separate circular portraits, with one image including a microphone icon and the other showing a person presenting, set against a light background with geometric shapes.
27 min

The Event Maturity Model: New Approach to Maximizing Event Engagement and ROI (feat. Swoogo)

Learn how to transform your events into a powerful business driver with Katie Golland.

Marketing event ideas.
7 min read

13 Innovative Event Marketing Ideas

Discover innovative event marketing ideas for every stage of your event.

Twitter viewer instructions and examples.
5 min read

How to Use Twitter Viewer Tools to Collect, Embed, or Display X Content

Instructions and examples of Twitter viewers for websites.

Instagram widget for website examples.
4 min read

Instagram Widget for Website: How to & 7 Examples

Instructions and examples of Instagram widgets for websites.

HR passionista's interview with Walls.io
4 min read

HR Influencers Interacting at Pema 24

We were part of an HR influencers stage and collaborated with HR Passionista.

a group of people networking at an event, with some holding plates of food and engaging in conversation, while another group takes a selfie. The background includes icons representing virtual meeting elements, such as video chats and messaging, emphasizing the blend of in-person and online networking.
4 min read

Networking Event Ideas to Build Connections

Explore 10 networking event ideas to boost engagement and build lasting connections.