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Struggling to generate leads despite investing countless hours and resources into content production? Here’s a new way of collecting leads and user-generated content in one go.

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brands that love is more than just a social media aggregator. With its authentic user-generated content (UGC) collection and lead-capture tool, it offers a unique approach to engaging with your audience. 

By incorporating a social wall strategy for lead generation, you can create a more dynamic and interactive brand experience. You can cultivate trust with your audience, boosting the likelihood of converting them into valuable leads and loyal customers.

Boost your credibility potential 

Drive conversions with engagement

Build meaningful

The benefits of social walls for lead generation

Collect relevant leads and grow your brand

Collecting relevant leads is a crucial part of growing your brand. The right leads can help you build your audience, increase conversions, and generate more revenue for your business. 

By enabling the lead generation feature on your social wall, you collect much more than email addresses and names. You also get valuable user-generated content which is proven to drive more engagement and lead to higher conversion rates. You can easily export and start nurturing those leads.

Turn viewers of your wall into buyers of your product.

Gain valuable insights into your target audience

In addition to generating leads and increasing engagement, our lead generation feature provides valuable insights into your audience. By collecting verified email addresses, you can gain a better understanding of your target audience. This allows you to create more effective marketing campaigns, tailor your messaging to your audience, and drive higher conversion rates.

You can easily export the lead information and use it in your CRM.

Save time on content production and let your audience speak for you

Marketers face the daunting task of continuously creating content that converts. They spend a lot of resources to achieve that goal, but things would be much easier if they’d just leverage UGC.

Using social walls for lead generation campaigns helps collect unique content you can efficiently distribute across your marketing channels. This can be content posted by your audience on their social media profiles or, even better, the content they upload on your wall directly. This way, they will also give you their name, email address, and a piece of content not published anywhere else.

Save time and money by letting your audience create content for you.

Automatically feed authentic UGC into your marketing channels

The content you collect through Direct Posts on your social wall is what every marketer dreams of. User-generated content is seen as more credible and trustworthy than traditional advertising, as it comes from real people with real experiences. enables you to use that content across your communication and marketing channels: embed it on your website and internal channels or show it on unlimited displays

Turn viewers of your wall into buyers of your product.

How lead generation with a social wall works

Create a concept for your campaign

For example, you can collect user testimonials, feedback, or photos around a specific event, topic, or hashtag. The possibilities are endless; go for what works best for you and fits your overall strategy.

A team of 4 peole in a meeting room. Three of them are sitting at at table. One of them is drawing on whiteboard. This is an illustration for the "Create a concept for your lead generation campaign" headline
Two women smiling while  looking at a digital display featuring a social wall with Twitter posts and user testimonials

Create a social wall to collect content and leads

Create a social wall by signing up for a free trial. Customize your social wall to match your brand’s colors, fonts, and visual style. Include your logo and other brand elements to create a cohesive brand experience.

Ask your audience to participate

Tell your audience what they should post on your brand’s social wall. You can promise them a prize as an incentive to participate. Promote your social wall on your website, social media profiles, and other marketing channels to encourage your audience to engage with your brand.

A woman scanning a QR code on a digital display showing a social media wall. She's scanning the code so she can upload content on the wall.
Collect the content along with your user's email addresses

Collect the content along with their email addresses

Anyone can upload messages and photos to your social wall by clicking the “Direct Post” button or scanning the QR code. They will fill in the information in a form, accepting the Terms and Conditions you defined for the campaign. You can immediately show their messages on the wall or hide them for moderation. 

Export a list of leads from the social wall

You can easily export a list of leads and the content they submit in .csv format. You can then upload them to your CRM. Then, use the information to follow up with leads and nurture them through the sales funnel.

Export a list of leads from the social wall
girl creating user-generated content for a fashion brand by taking a selfie inside the store

Repurpose the user-generated content and capture new leads

According to TurnTo, 81% of shoppers said they would rather pay more for a product with user-generated content than buy a similar product that costs less but has no UGC connected to it. Embed the content you collected on relevant pages on your website and link it to your products or services using Call-to-action buttons. This button is a great way to convert viewers of your wall into buyers of your product without complicated hurdles.

Collect leads like never before with a social wall!


What is lead generation?

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How can I measure the effectiveness of my social wall?

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Can I use a social wall for other purposes besides lead generation?

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Learn how our customers use

Oklahoma City Thunder Collects UGC From Fans

Oklahoma City Thunder created a custom social wall with Direct Posts featuring a QR code encouraging spectators to upload their photos from the game. They had the QR code at different spots inside their concourse near the photo stations and on the LEDs that accompanied the main board. They collected over 13K photos from fans and growing.

Justin Walters
Justin Walters

Manager, ThunderVision

The seamless integration of user-generated content has added a personal touch, allowing fans to share their passion in real-time.

NAU Celebrates Graduates with Real-Time Social Media Wall

North Arizona University utilized to collect and showcase real-time social media posts from graduates, families, and friends, creating a dynamic and engaging celebration. This real-time display not only amplifies the memorable moments but also fosters a sense of community and connection among participants.

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