Social media for government institutions and international organisations

Use a social wall to inform and connect to the public, increase citizen engagement and create interactive digital experiences

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Collect content from multiple platforms

User-generated content can help create social trust and transparency for your organisation. Combine it with your own social media posts that inform and educate your audience. Collect the content that you, your citizens and visiting tourists are already sharing every day on social media and use it to keep your website fresh and engage with the public.

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The benefits of using a social media wall for government institutions

Social media is a great way to open a direct dialogue between a government and its citizens. Engage, inform and educate through social media to foster transparency and social trust. Use photos, videos and information that is published every day and display it on a real-time social feed.

1. Increase citizen engagement

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2. Educate and inform your community

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3. Fight fake news with an information hub

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4. Increase your social media reach with hashtag campaigns

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5. Communicate more efficiently during a crisis

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6. Create interactive digital experiences

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Why social media is a valuable communication tool

Sources: OECD iLibrary, Pew Research Center 1 and 2.

How to use social walls as a government institution

Event walls

Use a social wall to create interactive events. Engage with your attendees during open days, fundraisers, special sports events or concerts. A social wall will help you collect and display authentic User-Generated Content, spread the word about your event and make your event much more fun.

Permanent display on an event hall showing an insitutional social media wall

Permanent displays

Display a social wall at City Hall, the tourist info or throughout different locations in the city. Share the latest city news, show fun facts about the city or display select posts that people are publishing about the places they visit. By showing what the city has to offer in an innovative way, you will make people want to experience more of it.

Permanent display showing a social media wall with pictures of Vienna

Website widgets

Embed a social wall on your website to keep it up to date with content you already created for social media. You can add compelling social proof by featuring employees’ or visitors’ favourite places. It’s also a great way to inform the public about the latest news or raise awareness for a special cause.

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Ann-Kathrin Neureuther, Communication Manager, UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration
UN Environment Programme logo

“Restoring our planet is a task too daunting for any one organization to lead on – even the United Nations. It takes a movement! helps us capture the energy of #GenerationRestoration and bring the many actions people are already taking for our planet to the forefront.”

Ann-Kathrin Neureuther, Communication Manager, UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

Case studies

Social media for government institutions and international organizations

a group of event attendees using their smartphones and tablets at the OECD forum

OECD Forum uses a social wall to engage audience worldwide

To make public participation easier, OECD is driving an ambitious social media strategy, engaging attendees on multiple social networks. They’re encouraging attendees to create video messages and broadcast their opinions via Periscope and Facebook Live. They then aggregate all those posts from various social media channels on one social wall to make the conference truly interactive.

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Two students checking the website of the German Federal Ministry of Education and their social wall on a laptop

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research uses a social wall to promote STEM to kids

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany collects challenges, which are compiled and presented by various STEM initiatives, on a social wall. The idea behind the social wall is to spark children’s joy for logic, geometry, geography or mechanics. By awakening kids’ passion playfully at an early age, they hope that it will evolve into a lasting one and perhaps even lead to a profession in STEM.

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A person posing in front of the Belvedere palace in Vienna

Vienna Tourist Board uses social walls to create an interactive online experience

The official online travel guide for the city of Vienna offers information about sights, event and hotel bookings, and historical information. They are using a second social wall on a microsite that is dedicated to Viennese modernism to engage with visitors and citizens alike. They display stunning visual content on their social walls that makes you want to visit those places in the city.

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