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Most nonprofits have very active social media channels. Collect the content that you and your audience share every day on social media and use it to keep your website fresh and engage with visitors. Aggregate content from specific hashtags, profiles and pages and select which posts you want to display. You can also choose which social media channels you want to include in your social wall. Walls.io offers integrations with the most popular social platforms.

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Raise awareness with a social media wall

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The benefits of using social media walls for nonprofits

Photos and messages published by supporters on social media are a goldmine for nonprofits. Nothing is more convincing than authentic content published by the people who support your organisation. Collecting it all on a social wall has some great benefits.

1. Drive engagement year-round

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2. Feature donors at fundraising events

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3. Share valuable feedback with the team

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4. Increase your social media reach with hashtag campaigns

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5. Make your most valuable social media content visible

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6. Connect with your community around the world during events

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Why social media works for nonprofits

How nonprofits can use social walls to amplify their clients’ reach

Event walls

Use a social wall to engage visitors during events. A social wall will help you connect with your donors and entertain attendees. It enables you to collect authentic User-Generated Content and spread the word about your nonprofit.

Event with a speaker and a screen showing a social feed with the interactions of the attendees

Permanent displays

Use a social wall to showcase amazing User-Generated Content that donors post about your nonprofit every day on social media. Combine their posts with news about your latest campaigns and some fun content. Communicate your official hashtag and get visitors to share something about their visit on social media.

social media digital display in the city

Website widgets

A social media feed helps you keep your website up to date with content that you already create for your social media channels. It also helps you boost conversion rates by allowing you to add compelling social proof via User-Generated Content posted by people using your hashtag or tagging your nonprofit.

Ikea store embedded Instagram hashtag feed on website
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Portrait of Michele O'Brien, Public Image Coordinator, Rotary Zone 24W, 2018/2021
Logo Rotary

“Rotary International’s Pacific Northwest PETS, one of the largest in the world for training nearly 800 Rotary leaders, has been effectively using the Walls.io platform for three years now. This year, we noticed a substantial difference in the time of adoption by our attendees. As soon as we fired the wall up in the ballroom, the posts and photos started pouring in! All of our vendors were so thrilled that they have all signed up already for next year.”

Michelle O’Brien, Public Image Coordinator, Rotary Zone 24W, 2018-2021

Case studies

Using social media walls for nonprofits

A teenage girl smiling

Plan International uses social walls during a global event

Children’s charity Plan International used a social media campaign to empower teenage girls to become government and business leaders for a day. The campaign took place in more than 50 countries around the world.

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the two male owners of Life is good smiling at the camera

Life is Good Foundation raises $1 million using the power of social media

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Life is Good ran a hashtag campaign for donations. For every post using the hashtag #SomethingGood, the company donated $1 to the Life is Good Kids Foundation. $1 million was raised over the course of the campaign. The embedded social wall serves to keep the website current and engage visitors.

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Image showing merchandise from United Way Greater Toronto

United Way Greater Toronto uses social media to impact local change

United Way is a worldwide not-for-profit organisation that supports social services locally. One of the regional organisations, United Way Greater Toronto, has set up a social wall, which the organisation is using to make an impact in the local community.

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