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Increase conversions across all your marketing channels by leveraging user-generated content

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brands that love walls.io
brands that love walls.io
brands that love walls.io
brands that love walls.io
brands that love walls.io

How you can use social walls in marketing

Why Walls.io is the solution for your brand

Your challenge
The Walls.io Solution

Improve your website's conversion rate  

Walls.io helps boost website conversion rates by displaying real-time user testimonials, enhancing trust, and extending visitor engagement.

Integrate user-generated content into your advertising

Walls.io helps you incorporate live user testimonials and feedback into your landing pages to enhance authenticity.

Engage your audience and increase event reach

Walls.io enhances event engagement by displaying real-time attendee posts and interactions, promoting active participation.

Motivate participation in your marketing campaigns

Walls.io helps you inspire your audience to interact and share content related to your campaigns by featuring their contributions on campaign pages and digital displays.

Collect real-time feedback from your audience

Walls.io is equipped with live polls and a message board that can help you collect customer feedback so you can focus on the things that matter to them.

Improve customer experience at your point of sale

Walls.io helps you display social walls in stores to show trending products, customer reviews, and live promotions, making the shopping experience more lively.

Use software that’s GDPR & CCPA-compliant

Walls.io is a secure, cookieless social wall platform compliant with GDPR and CCPA and trusted by leading international brands such as Amazon, Google, Cisco, and the UN.

Unlock the power of user-created stories

Take advantage of the opportunity to showcase your brand through the eyes of your audience.

How marketers use social walls to create experiences

Wallpaper From the 70S Boosts Sales With a UGC Gallery Embed

Wallpaper from the 70s encourages customers to share their wallpaper in action. Their social wall is seamlessly integrated on their website, showcasing beautiful real-life examples of their products.

How social walls work



Collect brand and user-generated content from social media and other sources.

Walls.io app sources
Walls.io app moderation


Choose the best content using Walls.io's easy-to-use moderation and curation features.



Choose a layout and apply your branding. Embed the feed on a website, or display it on a screen.

Walls.io social wall in different devices

Are you ready to transform your marketing?

Increase conversions across all your marketing channels by leveraging user-generated content.

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