Power your event with a virtual photo booth

Add a virtual photo booth to your social wall and boost engagement at events with branded selfies.

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What’s a virtual photo booth & why do you need it?

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A virtual photo booth is an event marketing solution that allows your audience to create custom photo content with just a few clicks. You can customize a virtual photo booth to fit your every need and embed it on your favorite event platform or website. Adding this feature to your social wall is an excellent way to generate branded content around your event, connect with your audience and increase event engagement.

After all, who doesn’t like a good selfie? 

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Create a unique event experience

Customize your virtual photo booth to perfection 

  • Create event-specific stickers and custom text fields to place on the photos.
  • Use branded frames and overlays to generate marketing material. 
  • Easily remove the photo background and replace it with a custom backdrop. 

Connect with your audience

The virtual photo booth is web-based, in-person friendly, and available on mobile. It also allows you to communicate with your global audience with built-in language translations. 

Make a perfect match

By embedding into event platforms and apps, the virtual photo booth will work for any event. To ensure an even smoother integration, the add-on is supported by an ever-growing list of virtual and hybrid event platforms.

Go beyond virtual

Like a social wall, you can put your photo booth in everyone’s pocket. This feature works anywhere people can access the web, so you can use QR-code signs and attention-grabbing backdrops at events to encourage people to snap selfies in between the sessions.

You can purchase the photo booth add-on on top of the Large event passes or Enterprise plans

We’re happy to show you how it works and set everything up for you. 

Will Hansen, VP, Global Events, eventi Productions
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“With the virtual photo booth integration, we saw a huge uptick in engagement numbers, and the social wall was constantly generating new posts.”

Will Hansen, VP, Global Events, eventi Productions

The benefits of connecting a virtual photo booth add-on to your social wall

Increase audience engagement

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Create a sense of community

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Generate and share branded content around your event

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Eliminate privacy concerns

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Make your social wall stand out

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Use your selfie photo booth to get unique content 

Real-time updates
Full moderation & custom branding
Easy embed on any website

Say cheese!

*This wall is manually moderated, so your photo will not appear right away.

Learn how our customers use Walls.io

The NHLBI Harnessed the Power of Visual Storytelling

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) used a Snapbar photo booth paired with a social wall for their 75-year anniversary celebration, effectively harnessing the power of visual storytelling and social engagement. This approach offered a fun, interactive way for employees and the community to express their gratitude and share memories. It was a dynamic story of the institute's impactful history and communal spirit.

S&P Global Maintains Privacy at Internal Event With Direct Posts

S&P Global Market Intelligence put a social wall with Direct Posts in place for MI Content Expo, an internal event with around 5,000 attendees. The wall was integrated into a virtual event platform and combined with a Snapbar photo booth.

Karina Factora
Karina Factora

Senior Manager

While hosting an internal event, it has been critically important that we ensure data privacy and that social media policies are observed and upheld by every attendee. We leveraged Direct Posts on a social media wall in the 6Connex VEP, and voilá: we were able to gather thoughts from our attendees without worrying about any concerns regarding a breach in privacy.

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