Turn content into sales with Call-to-action Buttons

Boost conversions by collecting authentic User-Generated Content and connecting it to your business.

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Turn content into sales with the right call-to action

Increase conversions and sell for more

According to TurnTo, 81% of shoppers said they would rather pay more for a product with User-Generated Content than buy a similar product that costs less but has no UGC connected to it. So, to make it easier for our customers to go straight from awesome User-Generated Content to awesome sales, we have implemented a call-to-action (CTA) button in Walls.io. This button is a great way to convert viewers of your wall into buyers of your product without complicated hurdles.

Speed up buying decisions with authentic content  

Consumers trusting traditional ads to help them make buying decisions is a thing of the past. Using the call-to-action social wall feature can help increase engagement and speed up buying decisions. Fans provide social proof for potential customers that your brand is worthy of their time and effort. Someone might not click on a regular ad for your brand, but they are more likely to click on a post their friends have shared about your brand. Drive conversions with authentic UGC from existing customers raving about how happy they are with your product.

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Bridge the gap between physical and digital

Incorporate your social wall into your physical storefront by setting up a social wall display. Encourage shoppers to post photos of the products they’re buying. This way you’re turning offline buyers into creators of user-generated content. Once their posts show up on your social wall, you can add buttons leading to the right page of your online shop. Those posts can then convince people who see your wall online to buy something as well.

Choose from multiple call-to-action buttons

The Call-to-action feature allows you to add relevant buttons to the User-Generated Content you display on your social media wall.

You can use your social wall to drive more conversions for your eCommerce shop, to increase engagement during a live event or as a social media hub on your brand's website to help you engage your visitors. These are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless.

social wall CTA connecting social media content to a brand's products

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Pair your products with powerful User-Generated Content

Start collecting authentic content with our UGC platform solution, add relevant call-to action buttons to it and use it to convince your audience.

How to link User-Generated Content to your product

You can pick the most amazing content your fans are creating and connect it to your products or services with only a few clicks. Choose from our list of calls-to-action and link each post to the appropriate page on your website. The CTA buttons will be displayed in the same language that your social wall is set to, just as the preview shows.

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“Walls.io really cares about customer needs and has been a great partner for us. When we brought up the idea of a call-to-action button with the team, they were happy to implement it for us. Now we can focus our social wall on customer-generated content and also make sure it links back to our product pages, ideally increasing purchase conversions.”

Marco Pace, Social media specialist, beyerdynamic

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