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Two circles with images of a conference and attendees networking representing different event format ideas.

15 Event Format Ideas

This guide will help you choose the best event format, plus 15 ideas and their goals.

A headshot of a female with text reading "Aleksandra Petrash, Partnership Manager, Walls.io" and a headshot of a man with text reading "Mike Tenholder, Alliance Partnerships, Cvent".
20 min

Digital Transformation: New Rules for In-Person Events

Learn how to follow the new event rules with Mike Tenholder from Cvent.

 group of individuals in a meeting or workshop. There's a visible exchange of ideas, as indicated by the presence of laptops, printed materials, and a whiteboard with post-it notes, which suggests a collaborative environment.
13 min

ChatGPT for Event Professionals

Discover innovative ways to use ChatGPT for event planning and download tested prompts.

 This image shows two profile pictures of individuals, one female and one male, encircled and placed side by side. Each profile is associated with a different tech brand, indicated by logos in the upper corner of each circle—WALLS.IO for the female and ScreenCloud for the male.
23 min

Digital Signage for Better Employee Experience

Alex and Joe discuss digital signage content in Walls.io Partner Talks #2.

A lively brainstorming session with two women laughing and cards on the table, paired with an abstract illustration of engagement strategies.

14 Content Repurposing Ideas for Event Material

Learn how to maximize the value of your content with these 14 repurposing ideas.

A graphic showcasing a smiling individual with sticky notes and checklists superimposed on a background of multimedia icons and a PDF symbol, representing the components of an event planning checklist.
6 min

Event Planning Checklist Collection

Discover and download the ultimate event planning checklist collection by Walls.io.