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Capture more UGC that automatically populates in your social wall, elevating engagement at your events with Snapbar’s Snapshot photo booth platform.



Snapbar reimagines traditional photo services, like photo booths and corporate headshots, for modern events - whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid.

Snapshot is a new take on the traditional photo booth, ideal for enabling photo experiences at in-person (or virtual / hybrid) events by giving attendees the ability to customize their own photos (with backgrounds, overlays, stickers, text, etc.) from any device with a browser.

Snapshot AI is very similar, but instead of attendees customizing the content, it's generative AI doing it. Essentially, it turns a photo of a user into an incredible AI-generated portrait style that ties into your event theme or brand aesthetic.

Both products are different sides of the same coin, and they're both part of the 'Snapshot platform' that ties seamlessly into your social wall content.


Snapshot Photo Booth

An intuitive, web-based photo booth that can be fully customized and adapted to any event format, whether in-person, virtual, or hybird.

Snapshot AI Photo Booth

The most advanced AI photo booth able to generate amazing user portraits, customized to your event theme, messaging, and brand.

Ready For In-Person

Snapshot works equally well on mobile devices for global access, as it does on an iPad to mimic an in-person photo booth experience.

Direct Integration

Snapshot integrates directly with to seamlessly populate dynamic and engaging content to your social wall.