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Best Audience Engagement

This prize is awarded to the social wall that demonstrates exceptional efforts in creating a highly interactive user experience, fostering high levels of engagement with its audience.

Nominate a Social Wall

If you have a special social wall, nominate it for the Social Wall Awards. Provide a description of why the social wall deserves to win, highlighting its unique features, design, and engagement strategies.

Previous winners

SNCF Engages Visitors with Social Wall at VivaTech

By incorporating a social wall at their booth during the Viva Technology event, SNCF effectively aggregated real-time user-generated content with the #vivasncf hashtag, boosting engagement and visibility. This strategy highlighted attendee interactions and fostered a sense of community, making the booth a dynamic and interactive space.

Sciton Used Social Walls as Attendee Engagement Hubs

Sciton skillfully incorporates interactive social walls into each of their Rockstar-themed mini-convention events, transforming them into vibrant hubs of attendee engagement. Along with posts, polls, and merch, they run competitive ladder contests using the social wall and give prizes to the most active posters. Each event consistently garners hundreds of posts, marking the social walls the centerpiece of their events.

Atlassian Created an Engaging On-Site Experience

Atlassian brought a touch of magic to the Team '23 event mobile app by featuring an exciting social wall. This addition sparked a deep sense of connection among participants by gathering attendee-generated content from various sources. Not only did it amplify the visibility of the brand, but it also strengthened the bond within the community of participants. The social wall proved to be a powerful tool, showcasing attendee perspectives, highlighting sponsors, and enhancing the overall event experience.

Airmeet Runs a Selfie Contest to Increase Event Engagement

Airmeet leveraged the integration between and Snapbar to run a selfie contest at the Events to Experiences summit. During the opening keynote, the host invited people to take selfies with a Snapbar photo booth — all selfies were displayed on a social wall. The audience voted for the best selfies using the Reactions feature. At the end of the event, 3 winners were chosen.