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Best Branded Social Hub

This prize is awarded to the social wall that demonstrates the most strategic integration of brand elements and messaging, resulting in a cohesive and memorable brand experience for the audience.

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If you have a special social wall, nominate it for the Social Wall Awards. Provide a description of why the social wall deserves to win, highlighting its unique features, design, and engagement strategies.

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Best Branded Social Hub

Previous winners

Silverstream TV Enhances the DMA Awards Ceremony With a Branded Social Wall

Silverstream TV, award-winning video experts with over 15 years of experience creating original and inspiring video content for live events and brands, set up a social wall for the DMA Awards Night 2023 ceremony. They designed it to fit the overall branding of the event and used a catchy video frame as a background, combined with the Kiosk layout.

A Social Media Feed That Makes Ferrari’s Social Content Shine

Ferrari is not only creating awesome cars but also doing a great job producing content for social media. They then reuse all this awesome content in a live social media feed embedded in various pages.