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brands that love walls.io
brands that love walls.io
brands that love walls.io
brands that love walls.io
brands that love walls.io

Enhance your social walls with the Source Pack

Looking to captivate your audience with engaging content on your social walls? Add five additional sources (hashtags, profiles, and more) to keep your social walls buzzing with activity. 

Here's why the source pack is a game-changer:

  • Diverse Content: Expand your reach with content from various sources, keeping your social walls fresh and captivating.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Cater to different interests and preferences, increasing engagement as people connect with resonating content.
  • Flexible Scaling: Customize your content strategy as your social walls grow. Purchase additional source packs to meet evolving needs.

Successful brands use multiple channels to engage their audience

REELZ Connects TV Show Fans With a Social Wall

REELZ uses social walls embedded on the live stream website of their hit original series, On Patrol: Live to engage the audience, amplify the show's impact, and connect with viewers. With over 80K brand & user-generated posts collected, the social walls foster a sense of community, expand the show's reach through online conversations, and enhance the overall visibility and impact of the series.

WETA Uses Social Walls and Polls to Get Feedback From TV Show Audience

WETA creates a vibrant sense of community by seamlessly integrating a social wall into the landing page of their PBS Iconic America TV show. This ingenious feature encourages viewers to actively participate in the conversation on social media and voice their opinions through interactive polls. The benefits are twofold: the audience gains a platform to express their thoughts, while the production team gathers valuable feedback.

Elevate your live events with the Event Pack

The Event Pack is designed to supercharge your content updates and support real-time engagement during your live events.

With the Event Pack, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Blazing fast Content Updates: Ensure your audience stays engaged and informed with content updates as frequently as once per minute. With the Event Pack, you can keep your social wall up to date, providing a dynamic experience for your attendees.
  • Real-Time Updates for Twitter Sources: Twitter plays a significant role in live events, and we've got you covered. Our Event Pack supports real-time updates for Twitter sources, enabling you to display your attendees' latest tweets and reactions in real time.

Add the Event Pack to your existing plan to unlock your live events' full potential.

It's important to note that the Event Pack is designed for live audiences of up to 500 viewers. If you have a larger audience, please schedule a meeting with our enterprise sales team to explore custom solutions that meet your specific needs.

Successful brands use the Event Pack to engage their audience

The NAMM Show Drives Brand Exposure With a Social Wall

NAMM leveraged a social wall to maximize brand exposure and ensure their attendees and sponsors were having the time of their life at the largest music trade show in North America. The NAMM Show social wall showcased a carefully curated mix of content from various NAMM company profiles on social media, user-generated content tagged with #nammshow, and Direct Posts. It was displayed and embedded in the key areas of the event environment, including the event app powered by Swapcard.

Direct Posts Boost Engagement at Trade Show Booth for Delta Electronics EMEA Region

Delta Electronics EMEA Region goes to many trade shows and has been refining their booth setup. Social walls have been a part of that for a while now, but Delta saw quite a change in engagement when they started using Walls.io’s new Direct Posts feature at Hannover Messe in 2022.

Boost engagement with the Interactivity Pack

The Interactivity Pack is the perfect solution to help you elevate your social wall and create an interactive visitor experience.

Here are the key features:

  • Direct Posts: Foster community and encourage user-generated content by allowing visitors to post directly to your social wall.
  • Polls: Conduct surveys and votings directly on your social wall. Engage your audience and gather valuable insights.
  • Reactions: Amplify visitor engagement by allowing them to express their appreciation with a single click. The Reactions feature enables visitors to "Like" posts effortlessly.
  • Lead Generation: Capture valuable leads and expand your subscriber base by seamlessly collecting email addresses through your social wall.

Add the Interactivity Pack to your existing plan, supercharge your social wall, and drive higher levels of interaction. 

Brands use the Interactivity Pack to engage their audience

Direct Posts Boost Engagement at Trade Show Booth for Delta Electronics EMEA Region

Delta Electronics EMEA Region goes to many trade shows and has been refining their booth setup. Social walls have been a part of that for a while now, but Delta saw quite a change in engagement when they started using Walls.io’s new Direct Posts feature at Hannover Messe in 2022.

Airmeet Runs a Selfie Contest to Increase Event Engagement

Airmeet leveraged the integration between Walls.io and Snapbar to run a selfie contest at the Events to Experiences summit. During the opening keynote, the host invited people to take selfies with a Snapbar photo booth — all selfies were displayed on a social wall. The audience voted for the best selfies using the Reactions feature. At the end of the event, 3 winners were chosen.

Feature sponsors and increase conversions with the Commerce Pack

Elevate your social wall and generate valuable traffic for your website, e-commerce store, and sign-up page.

Let's explore the features of the Commerce Pack:

  • Sponsored Posts: Maximize visibility by automatically adding promotional content to your social wall. Amplify your brand messaging, feature sponsors, and attract your target audience's attention.
  • Native Posts: Take control of your content strategy with text, images, and videos that you can directly post or schedule on your social wall. Curate a cohesive and engaging experience for your visitors.
  • CTA Buttons:  Drive traffic and encourage action with clear and compelling Call-to-Action buttons. Increase conversions and engagement with your brand.

To take advantage of the Commerce Pack's full potential, simply purchase the add-on, which will be added to your current plan. 

Brands use the Commerce Pack to create experiences

NETZSCH Uses Social Walls for Employer Branding

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems is an excellent example for how to use social walls for employer branding. The company integrated a social media wall into their booth at an education fair focusing on traineeships.

Atlassian Created an Engaging On-Site Experience

Atlassian brought a touch of magic to the Team '23 event mobile app by featuring an exciting social wall. This addition sparked a deep sense of connection among participants by gathering attendee-generated content from various sources. Not only did it amplify the visibility of the brand, but it also strengthened the bond within the community of participants. The social wall proved to be a powerful tool, showcasing attendee perspectives, highlighting sponsors, and enhancing the overall event experience.

Enhance your moderation capabilities with the Moderation Pack

The Moderation Pack enhances your moderation capabilities and helps you create a safer, more engaging social wall.

With the Moderation Pack, you get the following:

  • Unlimited Moderators & Admins: Collaborate with your team or delegate moderation tasks to ensure a smooth and efficient process.
  • Text and Image Spam Filter: Our advanced text and image-based spam filter keeps your social wall free from unwanted content.
  • Language-Based Filter: Our language-based filter empowers you to maintain the wall's content relevant to your audience. 

To unlock the full potential of the Moderation Pack, simply add it to your existing plan.

Brands use advanced moderation to create a positive experience 

A Two-Storey Multimedia Wall at CWRU Campus Serves as Communication and News Hub

The Tinkham Veale University Center has a two-story multimedia wall by the entrance. This multi-touch video wall is a communication hub that brings students, staff, and faculty together.

Austrian Tourist Board Uses Multilingual Social Walls

The Austrian National Tourist Board uses social walls for B2C and B2B campaigns. They also leverage the Walls.io language filter by setting up country-specific social walls adapted to each country’s needs.

Integrate Walls.io seamlessly with your application using the API & Zapier Pack

The API & Zapier Pack allows you to integrate Walls.io deeper into your existing systems.

Here are the key features included in this pack:

  • HTTP/REST-based API: Fetch and publish content from and to your social wall. Customize how your application interacts with Walls.io, creating a seamless and tailored integration.
  • Zapier Integration: Connect Walls.io to thousands of other applications and platforms using our Zapier integration. Zapier allows you to automate workflows and effortlessly transfer data between Walls.io and your favorite apps. The best part? No coding is required, so your marketing team can handle it without involving a developer. 

Simply purchase the API & Zapier Pack to add it to your current plan and unlock the full potential of Walls.io integration. 

Brands use the API & Zapier Pack to create tailored integrations

Wallpaper From the 70S Boosts Sales With a UGC Gallery Embed

Wallpaper from the 70s encourages customers to share their wallpaper in action. Their social wall is seamlessly integrated on their website, showcasing beautiful real-life examples of their products.

Life is Good’s Hashtag Campaign for Donations

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Life is Good ran a hashtag campaign for donations in the summer of 2019. Posts from the campaign were displayed on a Walls.io social wall, which was embedded on the campaign website.

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