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Why integrate social media in your virtual event

Benefit of using social media walls for virtual events #1

Engage big and small audiences during your event

Interacting with a physically not present audience becomes much easier with a social wall. Take audience questions using hashtags which will then show up on the wall for everyone to see. Or use the wall to play ice-breaker games to help people start a conversation with the speakers and network with other attendees.

Benefit of using social media walls for virtual events #2

Enhance your virtual event's setup in minutes

By combining a live-streaming tool with a social wall, you open up a way for attendees to interact with each other and with the speakers without having to install any software. A social wall is easily embedded into your virtual event set-up, doesn’t require any downloads and is completely user-friendly, no matter the tech level of your audience.

Benefit of using social media walls for virtual events #3

boost revenue by giving sponsors extra exposure

Give your sponsors the option to buy ad space inside your social media wall. Show their ads as Sponsored Posts to give them some extra exposure. Display the social wall next to your live-stream to make sure it gets seen by lots of viewers. You can offer your sponsors presence on your social media wall as part of your usual sponsoring packages.

cover of the social media for events ebook. The complete guide to event marketing

Social Media For Hybrid and Virtual Events

Learn how to engage your attendees using social media

Planning your side of a virtual event is important, but you shouldn’t forget about your audience either. Many online events severely lack engagement and interaction because the role the audience plays has not been translated well from offline to online.

This eBook will give you an overview of ways to incorporate social media before, during and after your events. When used right, these strategies can make your event more lively more interactive and, ultimately, more interesting for attendees, speakers and organisers alike.

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Social media is a great addition to virtual events

Social media is a powerful channel for virtual events. 81% of virtual event organisers use social media to drive registrations. But the impact of social media is also utilised for post-event promotion. 54% of companies use social media to relive highlights after an event. The benefits of virtual events became particularly clear during the 2020 global pandemic. But, overall, 92% of respondents plan to incorporate virtual events into their event strategy even after COVID-19. (Source: Markletic, Bizzabo and Freeman XP & EMI)


social media for virtual events statistics
Social Media Wall Chatbot Walter by Walls.io


Create a social wall to engage your audience and increase your brand's reach.

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Create a social feed for your event in minutes

1. Collect attendee posts from multiple social networks

With Walls.io, you can collect and showcase the best posts, photos or videos from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, ВКонтакте (VKontakte), Flickr, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vimeo, Messenger, Reddit, and RSS. You can even upload custom photo and video posts.

2. choose from 6 ready-made social wall templates

To help you get started in minutes, we offer 6 different social wall templates that work out of the box. You can adapt the look and feel of your social media wall with our easy-to-use style editor. No matter what size or resolution your device or embed is, the Walls.io widget always looks great.

3. choose the content you would like to display

Being able to moderate the user-generated content that gets displayed on your social wall is vital during live events. Walls.io will keep your wall safe. You have 100% control over what shows up on your social media wall and what doesn’t. By making good use of our various moderation features, you can easily keep unwanted posts off your wall.


WHAT brands love using social walls for events

Steve chisik

Heather Herron

VP of Corporate Communication, Sweetwater

Our goal was to increase real-time engagement with the 17,000+ people in attendance at GearFest. The social wall was a huge success. People seemed to really enjoy it and watched it frequently to see their posts being displayed. It definitely added to the excitement and made people more engaged during the day. We’re hoping that it will help spark interest for future events as well.

Steve chisik

Alison Benney

Social Media Evangelist, OECD

We were delighted with the use of Walls.io at our OECD Forum this year; displayed on the wall of the conference centre, it animated the space and encouraged participants to engage on social media.

Steve chisik

Nikki Cole

Director of Marketing and Media Relations, Showstopper, Inc.

We were so happy to find the features Walls.io offered. It allowed us to create a virtual audience so that anyone watching could cheer on teammates and celebrate wins at home. It kept engagement up on social and also helped spread the word about our events. People were excited to see themselves on the wall!

Social Media Wall Chatbot Walter by Walls.io

Create YOUR virtual event feed in minutes

Make your virtual event more interactive by displaying social media posts published by your attendees on different social media channels.

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How our customers use social walls for virtual events

FIRST® and Star Wars joining forces promoting a common event.

FIRST® and Star Wars: Force for Change use a social wall for engagement

FIRST® and Star Wars: Force for Change implemented a social media wall to interact with participants around the world during the COVID-19 lockdown when they were forced to hold tournaments online. They used the social wall to feature attendees’ work, serve as inspiration and share learnings.  

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Tomorrowland event setup

A special place for the social wall within the virtual world of the first digital Tomorrowland festival

The annual electronic dance festival Tomorrowland held its first-ever virtual festival in 2020. It created an engaging and imaginative virtual 3D environment for attendees. They could navigate a virtual island freely to “visit” various music stages, as well as a social wall set up for the event. 

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virtual event graduation party social media feed on a laptop

Universities turned commencement ceremonies into interactive virtual experiences

Colleges and universities had to move their graduation ceremonies online during the lockdown in 2020. Many used social walls to add an interactive element to the commencement live-streams for students, their families and friends.

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