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Best UGC & Lead Generation

This prize is awarded to the campaign that leverages a social wall most effectively to collect user-generated content and lead data, using an effective strategy that delivers results.

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If you have a special social wall, nominate it for the Social Wall Awards. Provide a description of why the social wall deserves to win, highlighting its unique features, design, and engagement strategies.

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Best UGC & Lead Generation

Previous winners

Oklahoma City Thunder Collects UGC From Fans

Oklahoma City Thunder created a custom social wall with Direct Posts featuring a QR code encouraging spectators to upload their photos from the game. They had the QR code at different spots inside their concourse near the photo stations and on the LEDs that accompanied the main board. They collected over 13K photos from fans and growing.

REELZ Connects TV Show Fans With a Social Wall

REELZ uses social walls embedded on the live stream website of their hit original series, On Patrol: Live to engage the audience, amplify the show's impact, and connect with viewers. With over 80K brand & user-generated posts collected, the social walls foster a sense of community, expand the show's reach through online conversations, and enhance the overall visibility and impact of the series.