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Engage and Connect With Your Audience on a Social Wall During Your Virtual Events

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The benefits of using social walls for virtual events

Social media is one of the biggest engagement drivers for virtual events. Displaying social media posts shared by your attendees, speakers and sponsors on a social wall has multiple benefits.

Benefit of using social media walls for virtual events #1

Enhance your promotional reach

Use a social wall to promote your virtual event and create buzz. Social media helps you gain reach and connects you to your target audience. Speakers start preparing long before an event and share their progress on social media. Capture that free promotion on a social wall and use it to get people interested in your event.

Benefit of using social media walls for virtual events #2

Create a sense of community

On a social wall, attendees can talk to each other without disturbing the live-stream in any way. They get a chance to step out of the shadows and become active participants instead of passive consumers. They can post photos and comments, which speakers get to see, making them feel less like they’re talking into a vacuum.

Benefit of using social media walls for virtual events #3

Engage your audience

Interacting with a physically not present audience becomes much easier with a social wall. Take audience questions using hashtags which will then show up on the wall for everyone to see. Or use the wall to play ice-breaker games to help people start a conversation with the speakers and network with other attendees.

Benefit of using social media walls for virtual events #4

Boost revenue with Sponsored Posts

Monetise your social wall by giving your sponsors the option to buy ad space on your wall. Show their ads as Sponsored Posts to give them some extra exposure. Display the social wall next to your live-stream to make sure it gets seen by lots of viewers.

Benefit of using social media walls for virtual events #5

Enhance your virtual events setup

By combining a live-streaming tool with a social wall, you open up a way for attendees to interact with each other and with the speakers without having to install any software. A social wall is easily embedded into your virtual event set-up, doesn’t require any downloads and is completely user-friendly, no matter the tech level of your audience.

Benefit of using social media walls for virtual events #6

Increase ticket sales for the next event

A social wall and hashtags allow you (and your speakers and attendees) to keep the conversation going after the event. A social wall is a great way to promote any future events you’re organising because it gives an insight into how interesting the last event was. Seeing the conversation can create demand, making it easier for you to sell tickets early on.

Social media is a great addition to virtual events

Social media is a powerful channel for virtual events. 81% of virtual event organisers use social media to drive registrations. But the impact of social media is also utilised for post-event promotion. 54% of companies use social media to relive highlights after an event. The benefits of virtual events became particularly clear during the 2020 global pandemic. But, overall, 92% of respondents plan to incorporate virtual events into their event strategy even after COVID-19. (Source: Markletic, Bizzabo and Freeman XP & EMI)


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How companies use social walls for virtual events

FIRST® and Star Wars joining forces promoting a common event.

FIRST® and Star Wars: Force for Change use a social wall for engagement

FIRST® and Star Wars: Force for Change implemented a social media wall to interact with participants around the world during the COVID-19 lockdown when they were forced to hold tournaments online. They used the social wall to feature attendees’ work, serve as inspiration and share learnings.  

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Tomorrowland event setup

A special place for the social wall within the virtual world of the first digital Tomorrowland festival

The annual electronic dance festival Tomorrowland held its first-ever virtual festival in 2020. It created an engaging and imaginative virtual 3D environment for attendees. They could navigate a virtual island freely to “visit” various music stages, as well as a social wall set up for the event. 

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virtual event graduation party social media feed on a laptop

Universities turned commencement ceremonies into interactive virtual experiences

Colleges and universities had to move their graduation ceremonies online during the lockdown in 2020. Many used social walls to add an interactive element to the commencement live-streams for students, their families and friends.

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What people say about us

Marco Pace

Marco Pace

Social media specialist, beyerdynamic really cares about customer needs and has been a great partner for us. When we brought up the idea of a social commerce button with the team, they were happy to implement it for us. Now we can not just focus our social wall on customer-generated content but also make sure it links back to our product pages.

Sina Abert

Sina Abert

Social Media Manager/PR, Wissensfabrik – Unternehmen für Deutschland e.V.

Social walls are an excellent tool for non-profit organisations like ours. They’re a great way to draw attention at events and let the organisation shine. has loads of features and covered everything we needed and more. Changes in the settings can even be made in real-time, which is helpful for live events. And, of course, our members loved the social wall.

Nicholas Jones

Nicholas Jones

Social Media Manager, United Way Greater Toronto helps us to really bring our social media and event-specific hashtags to life at our live events. It is the perfect tool for curating and amplifying the best posts from our attendees, and a great way to encourage attendees to post more when they see their content appearing on the big screen. It might seem like a small thing, to post someone’s photo or tweet up for your whole event to see, but attendees consistently give us very positive feedback on the experience, coming up to our social team to ask for more information on this magical tool that saw their post leap out of their phone and into reality.

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